Information for Students

Jacobs University Host Family Program

All Jacobs University undergraduates live on campus. Many of them have never been to Germany before and have never had the chance to meet German people or experience the culture. But Jacobs University want students to be part of the Bremen community. This is why we introduced a Host Family Program to establish personal interaction between our students and families in Bremen. Many families in Bremen have volunteered to act as host families. These families are obviously very familiar with life in Bremen, but they are also interested in other cultures and often speak English and other languages. We are trying to match them with those students who are interested in participating in this program. 

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What does it mean to have a host family?

Although you will not be living with your host family, they will be the ones who will try to help you settle into your new home and will introduce you to life in Bremen. They will invite you to their homes, show you around in Bremen and sometimes take you out to special events. Some students even spend Christmas and other festive occasions with their host families. Many students also invite their host families to Jacobs University events to let them become part of the Jacobs University family.

A host family is not always a couple with children. It can also be a single mother or father, an older couple, or even a single.

The amount of time you spend together with your host family depends in part, of course, on how busy you are with your studies. But one of the great benefits of this program is the opportunity to become acquainted with the German culture and way of life. Your host family will make every effort to help you feel at home in their household. You will be encouraged not only to accept their hospitality but also to build a mutually rewarding relationship with them. Please remember that this program does not imply any finacial help. Rather, it is about the relationship you create together!

Does this sound interesting to you? Then let us know by completing the attached Host Family Form. You should know that we have a limited number of host families for the incoming students, therefore – if you are interested – you should complete the Host Family Survey as soon as possible.