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Prof. Dr. Peter Zaspel
Prof. Dr.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
School of Computer Science & Engineering


Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany

pzaspel [at]
Research I, Room 168
Research Interests: 
  • Machine learning and Big Data
    • multi-fidelity machine learning (e.g. by sparse grid combination technique)
    • approximate training (low-rank approximation by e.g. hierarchical matrices)
    • uncertainty quantification and inference / data assimilation
    • basic research wrt. reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces / Gaussian processes
  • High Performance Computing
    • numerics / algorithms for many-core processors (e.g. GPUs)
    • scalable distributed-memory parallel computing in machine learning and scientific computing
  • Interdisciplinary applications
    • quantum chemistry (data from DFT, Coupled Cluster, etc.)
    • fluid mechanics (two-phase flows, plasma physics)
    • medical imaging (dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging)